Problem burning DVD in NTSC format

Greetings to you all,

I have a Pioneer DVR-109 DVD/CD writer which has worked fine for the past couple of years having intermittent use. I have in the past been able to produce DVD’s in Pal and NTSC…sadly not at the moment.

My computer says that the device is working satisfactorily but it lies !

Can anybody give me any suggestions please?

I am currently using Nero to collate my video and have removed and replaced it in case that was the problem. The writer will read DVD’s and CD’s with no problem

I await the torrent of replies that will be coming,

Sincere thanks, Happichap

@ Happichap,

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Your PAL/NTSC “Problem” has nothing to due with your Pioneer DVR-109 Optical Drive. Your PAL/NTSC “Problem” is related to your N e r o Software Program usage and/or your N e r o Software Program configuration.

Suggest referring to the N e r o Software Program “User Guide” that accompanies your N e r o Software Program and/or visiting the N e r o User Forum ( for assistance with your PAL/NTSC “Problem”.


Echoing member [I]bjkg[/I]. :iagree:
This is not a hardware problem. Your burner can burn any 0 or 1’s for standard DVD sector in any mode, PAL or NTSC. (Most probably you’r trying to burn something that don’t belongs to your DVD region area.)

Anyway, InfoEdit has been a master to overcome this problems for a long time. My thanks to the author of InfoEdit and the old guide at DigitalDigest;

This guide still works for me (with some Linux adjustments ofcourse).

BTW, I forgot when Ahead Nero MS version ever supported PAL/NTSC conversion, (without InfoEdit). Sorry if I might be wrong nere.