Problem burning dual layer dvd's

Hi, I have a problem with burning dual layer dvd videos! I use nero 6 and the normal dvd’s work absolutely fine. :iagree:
The weird thing is that everything seems fine until the burning is finished…the message even says “succesfully burnt”
However when I put the dvd back in my laptop (sony vaio) it acts like the disc is empty… :confused:
I managed to play the movie in nero showtime and if I choose disc info in nero, you can see that the moviefile is on there?
I use Verbatim DVD+R Dual layer…

Please help me, as I have already wasted 4 discs :sad:

Pinglan :flower:

Maybe try restarting with the disc in the drive?

Sounds to me like maybe your Vaio’s AutoInsert Notification isn’t working properly?

But it works for everything else?
and if I look in my disk drive folder…it’s empty too?