Problem burning DL dvd with sony DW D56



I have an A690 laptop with a sony DW D56 drive and I am trying to burn a 7.9GB ISO onto a DL DVD.

I have verbatim media

I get this error

I have a driver from 2006 which is the most recent driver I can get for my drive. Yes it is a dual layer drive. it says so on the side.


OH BTW the error I got there was from using my other disk (crap disk) the verbatim gave me the same error.

This occurs at the beginning of the burn before anything is written on the disk


wow… ok I could totally be an idiot but would the wrong speed disk cause this?


It can, try at 2.4x.


It looks like the drive doesn’t support those discs at all.

That’s assuming the ‘Write Protected’ error it’s returning is its way of saying it cannot write to that media.

Maybe a firmware update would fix it (if there’s one available) ?

What was the Media ID of the Verbatims? You probably want the MKM-001-00 ones (2.4x) rather than MKM-003-00 (8x).