Problem Burning DL DVD-R with Plextor PX-716A

I’ve trashed 3 double layer DVDRs trying to burn a 7gb iso image using a plextor px-716a burner, which is supposed to be a pretty solid burner. I have never had a problem with a single layer DVDs. I first used Nero 6.6 and now I’m using Nero 7 ultra. I’m burning at 2.4x which is the rated speed of the DVDR (Memorex). Nero won’t let me burn any slower, not that I’d want to. I’ve attached the log. Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks.


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Plextor PX-716A is a very solid burner and that’s not your problem.
Problem is your burning application Nero, because it can’t set a propper layer break.

Try out ImgBurn (freeware) or CopytoDVD. :wink:

You might also check up supported media and update drive to latest firmware.

I think that your problem is bad media… RITEK DL is causing headaches to many users.
If you can, use only Verbatim Media for DL burning. :wink:



You should also use a program that is more suited for Dual Layer Media.

Imgburn is great for the burning process

DvD Decrypter is great for the ripping process, but because it is no longer updated one must use AnyDvD with it.

Other programs to use would be Clonecd and DvDFab Decypter.

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Yeah, I agree with you when it comes to recommendation.

Checking TP’s attached log we can see he uses RiTEK D01 media that is on supported by Plextor and the same media “type” was burned at 4x :eek: in our review, so the basic question still remains…
But, TP already got quite many suggestions how to procede.

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Thanks for the info, All. I’ll get some decent media and try one of these other programs.

ImgBurn is top notch, as is Verbatim double layer media. I was able to get 20 DVD+R DL for $40 at Best Buy.

Thanks again, All.