Problem burning CloneCD Image with New Benq1620

I’ve made a dozen coasters with my new 1620 I am posting in the hopes someone can tell me why before I take this unit back to the store. Been using a CD recorder for several years now but I’m fairly new to ‘working’ to get a back copy of protected software I own, and entirely new to DVD recorders.

Made a CloneCD image of a game I own, can’t burn it with the oem 1620 at 8X. Threw the LiteOn 52X CD writer back in the PC and it burned it no problem using the next disk off the stack at 8X.

Media is Ritek 52X. The image I mentioned was ‘TwinPeaked’ (a SecureRom 4.8 disk) with a BWA file. The successfull one works perfectly.

The error occurs soon after CloneCD writes the lead-in and has started writing the image. Didn’t write it down but it’s something like WRITE ERROR:MEDIA ERROR followed by a hex value.

I have a SATA hard drive so the 1620 is IDE primary master, the LiteOn went back in as secondary master. No other IDE devices. DMA is enabled.

I took a normal data CD and did an on the fly copy no problem, again using the next blank cd off the stack with LiteOn as source and 1620 as target.

Any ideas? Am I missing something? Should I leave the LiteOn in the PC and use it for CD-R recording? :confused:

You missed the OC-Freak’s review, which tells you that your burner is just a one sheep burner, so forget about copying protected data disks.

I did looking at that review but skipped the advanced section … much of the not advanced stuff was over my head. :smiley: Thanks Ala.