Problem burning cds



I just installed a second dvd drive, along with a PCI-E IDE adapter card to connect it. This drive is for burning homemade cds that can play in my car. The car is a 1999 lex with an original parts cd player. I used to record cds on this drive when it was in another computer that recently crashed. The drive plays cds fine but when it comes to burning, the drive will record approx 50% then stop, and I get a error 4000 msg. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it but nothing works. Anybody have any idea what could be causing this problem, and what I can do to resolve it?



Just from your description, I would think you have an issue in the IDE adapter card. Which make and model card do you have?

Which operating system are you using? If a version of Windows, did it install drivers for the card automatically, or did you have to install drivers yourself?

Are you using a separate burning program? Like Nero, or ImgBurn?

Are you using the same blank cd’s as in the past?


Thx for the quick reply. The adapter card is masscool PCI-E controller card. model XWT-PCIE11. My OS is win7. I had to install the driver manually. The recording tool I’m using is Mixmeister Studio 7, which is what I normally use with my other drive that works fine. I’ve also tried other methods (disc copy, cyberlink), but still have the same problem. thx again


This card uses the JMB363 (JMicron) chipset, and is hit or miss on compatibility.

Wait a bit, and people with more experience using adapter cards may show up with some suggestions. In the meantime, you can find some tidbits of info in the last few pages of the Controller thread:

Sorry I don’t have anything more definitive for you.


Actually your input was very helpful. After your initial post I re-seated the drive and card connectors and uninstalled/re-installed the driver. I’ve been able to burn several CD’s since. Thanks for your help