Problem Burning CD's with ND-1100a

I have a DVD+R/RW CD-R/RW NEC ND 1100s drive. For the past year I have been burning cd’s and dvd’s fine with this drive. Just recently my drive has stopped recognizing blank cd’s regarldess of the media. I am using the same cd’s I have always used.

The wierd thing is that I can still burn dvd’s no problem, it recognizes them and lets me burn them.

I may not be a hardware problem, but I really can’t tell. I have installed new drivers, updated firmware, unistalled the dvd burner then reinstalled it, I even formatted my C: drive and completely reinstalled everything!!

Now I have never put a blank cd into my normal dvd rom drive, however if I put in a blank dvd it will say it has 4.7gigs of free space… just like if you explore out to a normal 1.44 floppy disk that is blank; however now when I try to do the same to a blank cd, it never shows up. It acts like there is nothing in the tray. I thought my dvd burner was just broke, but since niether of the drive’s detect the blank dvd I have no idea what is wrong.

I only use easy cd creator 5.0. Since I only really ever just make music cd’s.

The computer used to autorun blank cd’s and give me options of what to do with it. Now it doesn’t even do that.

Please if anyone can assist I would appreciate this.

Try uninstalling DirectCD.
Does the drive recognize pressed CD-ROM discs?

(By the way, I believe you can update your 1100 to a 1300 by simply flashing a 1300 firmware :bigsmile: )

have you a gnx modell fw 1.A0 /1.A1 ?
have you testet the new official fw for this drive

The dvd rw drive will not play burned cd’s at all either. So it doesnt detect blank cd’s or ones i have already burned. I also put in a cd that was bought from the store and it will not play either.

Its not a software issue because I can’t even browse through my computer to get it to see the cd in the drive.

I think the drive is broken somehow, but why would it still play dvd and record dvd and not cd?

I’m in the same boat. The 1100 drive will not recognize CD medial. The drive is recognized by my system and Clone CD actually acknowledges the properties of the drive and says the drive will handle CD media. When the burn is initiated, I get a “Drive not ready error”. I know this is deep in the archives of this forum, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Phil H, if your drive has been recognizing CD-ROM media and burning CD-R media fine up until now, it is most likely a hardware failure of the CD laser.
Time for an upgrade. :smiley: