Problem Burning Bin and Cue Files to DVD



I burn multiple images to my DVD. That way I can just mount the cue file on a virtual drive and I clear the space off of my hard drive. I burn it with Nero DVD-ROM (ISO). So one DVD will have multiple folders each with their own bin and cue inside.

I burn it at 4x with Verbatim DVD-R. I have a NERO 3500A.

It seems to burn correctly. I can acess all the folders and see the bin and cue files.

Then when I mount the cue file on a virtual drive (The Alcohol 120% virtual drive) I have issues when installing. It will start off just fine most of the time and then it will give me a cycle redundency error. I know the bin and cue are valid because they install just fine off the hard drive when they are mounted on the virtual drive. The files don’t get wierd until I put them on DVD.

I could understand if that happen all the time, but it is hit and miss. Sometimes it will work perfect and then sometimes I have a DVD that is just useless and nothing works.

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone else do this or have this issue?
I just can not figure out why it is so hit and miss. I am not using bad media. I have tried on both Verbatim and TY.

Please help, cannot figure this one out at all.


Have you tried copying the folder to HD and then mounting it on the virtual drive? That works for me. :slight_smile:


I burned it off the hard drive. If I mount it from the orginal file before Burning to DVD it mounts and installs just fine. But if I burn it to DVD it has issues. If I copy it back to the HD after I burn it to the DVD it won’t work. It is messing up the bin and cue files when I burn it to the DVD.


I do it all the time and never have any problems, I even mounted one of the multiple isos on the dvd that was in the drive on a virtual drive without copying it to the hdd, though I recommend copying it to hdd before mounting the iso, but to each their own…

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


Yes, I do it all the time too. But that is not my problem. I need to know why it is so hit and miss. From how I discribe it am I doing anything wrong? Does anyone have better luck with something besides NERO?




Bad burns,use errors scans to test after you burn.


What is the best program to use to do the error scans?


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