Problem Burning audio

Not sure if this is the right forum to post in but here it goes…

lately when i burn a CD there has been these bleep noises on certian tracks. It sounds like the CD is scratched but its a new CD. I’ve listened to the tracks all the way through on my computer and they are fine… which leads me to believe that i have some sort of media issue. I was wondering if yall have had any problems with any of my specs: NEC ND-3540A (dvd burner), I use NERO to burn, and i use TDK CDr 48x, and the little serial number in the middle is: 4351 SOLB-19937

I hope some one knows what the hell is up, its really bothering me. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum.

Try to burn these media at a lower speed, like 8x

ah, didn’t even think of that…