Problem burning audio cds

So my dad who sings made a cd, and now he wants to mass produce it.
I developed a way to burn multiple cds using linux with the cdrdao program on 4 HPdvd 1040s.
The problem is that the first track on our burned cds dose not play or get “found” by some players. The cdrdao program makes an exact copy of the master disk, which plays just fine on all players. It also seems that every once in a while we get a good copy. I need some help! If you know anything about the details of burning cds, your input would be appreciated!

Thanks a head of time!
~ Ryan

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I can´t answer you on the topic of Linux…but it must be possible.

With XP and maybe Vista, there are many ways to manage this…but you will need to be aware of the following which should apply to any operating system:

  1. Quality media. Taio Yuden or Verbatim for example
  2. A good burner
  3. Good settings…say speed around 12 -16x

Be patient…a Linux expert will have some suggestions…

I’ll move this to our Burning Software forum so that hopefully more folk will add advice. BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Ha Ha! We have figured it out!
Apparently the burn quality of audio cds goes down on light scribe devices.
After scribing a disk we had to burn it on a non-light-scribe enabled burner.
The sound quality and the range of players that would play the disk picked up.
I don’t know if this is just an issue with HPdvd 1040e/i or with all light scribe devices?
Thanks for welcoming me to the forum :slight_smile:
Hope this helps any one with similar problems.

~ Ryan

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these HP drives are recycled Liteon drives. I am not aware of any newer Liteon DVD writer that has good CD writing capabilities. :frowning:

If you want to make sure, these discs play fine even on poor players, I’d strongly suggest using other drives for that job. And good quality media of course.