Problem Burning Audio CD, Nero 6

Hi all,

Got a bit of a strange problem burning audio CD in Nero 6 (version in windows XP service packs 2.

It goes through the burning process ok and the CD plays in media player ok but when you use the CD in a standard CD player (car for expample) it plays the first track ok but when it gets to track 2 the timer goes to 99:99 mins and you cannot skip to the other tracks on the CD (if you try you get a CD error) but you can listen to the CD if you let it play…

…this is a strange one!!!, any idea’s peeps??

First off try a different brand media. What speed are you burning at and what burner are you using? Some stand alone CD players are quite picky on the quality of media and how well it has been copied.

I’ve tried several differnt media typed (sony, verbatim, memorex) with the same results…

I’ve also tried it on about 10 diffent CD players (my house one it’s a cambridge audio CD, the car, the girlfriends car, mates car, brothers CD player that’s a Tag Maclaren!!) all with the same problem !!!

could it be the burner in my laptop?

Nero is way too old and buggy.
Get the free update to Nero

Try a different program like burnatonce and see if they will play. It’s free and quite simple to use. If they still don’t play it could be your burner.

Not sure whether you’re doing a straight CD copy, or if you’re burning from files on your PC. If it’s from files, then you could also try Burrrn - great little free proggy for burning audio CDs. :slight_smile:

I like to burn audio at 16x, give that a go too :slight_smile:

Cheers for the info guys!!! I’ve updated my Nero to and burnt a couple of CD’s…I’ll try them in the car in a mo on the way home from the office…

…failing that I’ll give one of those programs a try…

oh, by the way, it’s when I’m copying CD’s and files from the hard drive !! :frowning:

Just open Nero Express click on copy CD have your CD to be copied in your source drive and blank disc in your destination drive check the box “quick copy” and that is it you will copy straight from your source disc to blank one.

Morning all !!

Just thought I’d update you all!! the update works!! tried a CD in the car and all worked ok…

cheers for you input guys !! :slight_smile:

Always think of updating software to the latest version.