Problem burning at 1x with 3550

first off my apologies for my newb questions that i’m sure no one here enjoys answering. with that being said i do appreciate anyone who does care to answer.

i just bought a new nec 3550A and i cannot get it to burn at 1x with nero or dvddecryptor. when i select 1x and the hit burn it always burns at 2.1x. anyone lend some helpful advice? thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I don’t think you can burn at 1x (I may be wrong) because most media only support x2 / x4 / x6 / x8 / x12 / x16

(2.4x for + Media)

So the burner will only burn media with supported speed.

2x should be way fine, 1x would be an over kill.

Using quality media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell made in Japan should be be able to burn at 4x without a glitch !

My 2 cents…

…but the best quality burns will probably be for burns speeds in the 6x - 12x range depending on the media!

Don’t assume that a lower burning speed will improve the burn quality and/or the compatibility with other players; sometimes it will be just the opposite!

oh wow ok. btw i forgot to mention i am using ritek g04 white printable dvds. what would be the best burn speed for this burner and this media if you don’t mind me asking? oh and thanks a lot for the responses!!

Ritek G04 media was for 4X burning.

Burns at 4x the best normally. 1x would be overkill…

Media will only burn at its lowest speed it was designed for that burner and FW! Never burn +r or -r media at less than 4X!

Some 4x and 2x rated -R can be burnt at 1x. But for what and who has such antique media anyway these days???

Burning at 1x speed, haha!
Most drives are so good nowadays, that they write better at 4 or at 8 speed.
Quality only drops when writing at 12 or 16 speed, but even then good media will still be written without problems (like MCC004 media) :slight_smile:

Hey guys, don’t forget all the stand alone DVD recorders burn at 1X. I have seen results from my Panasonic and even TY can look disappointing. I always, now, burn to RAM and then transfer on the computer to a real disc. I truely feel sorry for those who will still try to burn when all that is out there is 16X.

You don’t have to feel so sorry for the people with e.g. Sony HDD/DVD stand-alone recorders; my Sony RDR-HX910 burns to Verbatim 16x DVD+R and DVD-R media with excellent quality, both when transferring from harddrive at 8x and when burning in real-time at 1x (or whatever you want to call real-time burning). :slight_smile:

Not everyone is as lucky. Have you scanned any of your burns? Just curious.

I apologize if this is getting too off-topic, but here are scans of MCC 004 and MCC 03RG20 burned at 1x and 8x in my Sony RDR-HX910 and scanned in my Plextor PX-712A with PxScan at 2x.

[li]MCC 004 burned at 1x[/li][li]MCC 004 burned at 8x[/li][li]MCC 03RG20 burned at 1x[/li][li]MCC 03RG20 burned at 8x[/li]There was probably some particle on the disc during recording, as this is exactly what a scan looks like when this happen.
[/ol]The 8x burns are best but the 1x burns are still very good I think.

Thanks. The PIF is good but those PIE totals are about 15-30 times higher than my tolerance. Your 1X burns are right where I expected.

In my JVC DRM10 standalone (LG 4120B inside), many discs burn fine @1X, including 16X ones (MCC 03RG20), but with some good media like TYG02 the results are so-so (though still acceptable).

I have dedicated discs for this machine (TDKG02, 2X rated) but when I want archival quality I do the same as Chas, I first use RAM or RW then perform a 1:1 copy with a PC burner… :wink:

@ the original poster: no recent PC burner will burn at anything slower than 2,4X :disagree: - and the “burn at the slowest possible speed for better quality” advice that you come across on the Internet is pure disinformation. :wink:

Fortunately the PIEs on my discs don’t have to be tolerated by you, they only have to be tolerated by the drives that read the discs! :wink:

If you’re throwing out burns with PIE maximums below 50-100 and PIF maximums below 4, then you must be making some media manufacturers very happy! :bigsmile:

Hey, relax, I meant nothing personal. :smiley: I just said 1X burns are pretty bad based on my criteria. I was in no way attacking your scans. Just because my standards for burn quality are very high does not in any way mean I expect anyone else to adopt them.

And for the record, I have only had to throw out 2 burns in the last year, out of about 1000. All the rest met my standards.

Chas has a 100% quality burn he can show you!

I’ve already seen it. It’s interesting in a “my scan is better than your scan” sort of way, but for practical purposes it is no better than any other burn that keeps well within the limits for PIE, PIF, Beta, Jitter etc.

wow I can’t believe the number of responses to this thread! So it was misinformation that led me to want to burn at 1x? I guess you learn something everyday. It made sense at the moment but the reasoning on this thread makes a lot of sense now too. Thanks a lot for all of your help. This forum has seriously given me an incredible amount of knowledge on burners that I really wouldn’t get/trust anywhere else. Thanks again!