Problem burning an DVD file

Recently i started to use a DVD±RW internal as external via USB 2.O and doesn,t burn the file it stay in 1% of burning ,hope someone can clear my problem soon thank’s.

USB is CRAP. Use internal IDE for maximum performance.

Your issue sounds more like a communication problem between the DVD burner and the
operating system. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the usb card from the manufacture and also make sure you have the latest Nero 6 updates from the following
page: package 1 & 2. After installing the Nero updates reset the usb drive. To reset the drive, disconnect the USB cable from the back of the drive and waite for 15-20 seconds before shutting down the drive. After the drive has been shut down for 30 seconds power the drive back on and re-connect the USB cable and try the process again.