Problem burning 8cm mini cd's



I have a Freecom Beatman and I want to burn some 8cm cd’s. I have a Plextor 8/20 scsi flashed with latest firmware (1.08) and the latest version of Easy CDC (4.05). I can’t burn any 8cm cd’s! It keeps saying to pop in a proper cdr. Any suggestions?


Yeah, have a suggestion
Send me some 8cm cdr’s, the expansiontool to overcome 12->8cm dfference and I will be pleased to try burning with the leading burningprograms for you.


the problem is simple, the plextor 820 is not compatible with the smaller size CDRs…you can ask plextor about it and that’s what they’ll say…



You are right. I found out about Plextor’s incompetability some days ago. Thanks for your reply. There are only 2 Plextor models able to burn 8cm cd’s. Prety muchs sucks. I allready ordered the 16x firewire Yamaha burner. I hope this one supports 8cm cd’s.


yeah actually drives from the Plextor 8x SCSi drives on can burn the mini cds. I have the 12/10/32S and works flawlessly…