Problem burning 80 min

got a hp7200i here , ok it works perfect on 74min but when i use 80 min cd’s there are 2 things that can happen :

  1. lasercalbration or whateva failed ( the option in clonecd to optimize it ain’t workin’ )
  2. burns good untill 74-80% then this appears :oh god i lost but wait i’ll remember …
    Power on , blabla , or bus blabla ( ok i know it ain’t god explained but i can’t remember it )

thx in advance

I think this HP just doesn’t support 80min CD-R because it’s too damn old :frowning: I think this problem could be solved when you upgraded your firmware to a Sony version but I never tried it. Search on the CD Freaks mainpage for some more info on this matter and goodluck.

it worked so thats not it :frowning:

thx anyway

Do you only have this problem with CloneCD ? ( I think so since you posted this in the CloneCD forum ?)… Maybe you should try it in the Hardware Forum instead if it’s not CloneCD related…


this baby can do 80 min cd’s !!
i installed winoncd 3.8/3.7 by my nephew and it burned 80 min easily but with clone i don’t know it
(we did not do a firmware update but it can help in some cases)

I also had this drive and it burned 80min perfectly!
Just set off this laser calibration. Why set it anyway?! :wink:

Then try again and wait (40 minutes… hehe! :p) and see what happens!