Problem Burning 16x DVDs

Hi everybody,
I have a HP notebook with a Toshiba ODD SD R6252. I can burn DVDs as long as I use 8x DVD+Rs or slower. If I try to use 16x DVDs the disk is not recognized. I have tried HP support but after many ineffective advices they finally told me that this DVD recorder is only able to write on media that is rated up to 8x. Although I am not an expert, I believe that this is a firmware issue. I’ve already have the latest firmware version available at HP site (1A14 1.00). Please help me, since 8x DVDs are getting difficult to buy and I need to constantly backup my work. Thank you in advance.

Just burn 16X DVDs at 8X. Verbatims work fine at that speed.

Until they release firmware for more media compatibility, you are stuck with having to burn 4X or 8X blanks.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, It is more advisable to burn the DVD media with notebook at no more than 8X since higher speed generate more heat and burner shake which may be ultimately damage the notebook. This is only my opinion.