Problem burning 1004im with cdr



so im burning some music with a cdr but i keep on getting illegal disk errors can someone help me figure out what is wrong.
also could it be my drive? is there someway that i can tell that the firmware i got is good or is there any sites that have review of good firmware?


If you want advice on your firmware, why don’t you tell us your version???


o the version i have is the latest one the 151 :stuck_out_tongue:


Tested with only one brand of CDR?


nah i wasted like 10, 6 of them were coasters and 4 werent. i did a couple dvd+r that i did for my friend put some of them didnt work on his computer for some reason. on the dvd i burned a couple of my anime that i had, but either it loaded a long time or wouldnt play.