Problem buring DL DVDs with Nero Express

I purchased an external DVD burner – Samsung SE-S184 – that came bundled with Nero Express 6 software. I’m making backups of movie DVDs. Double-layer DVDs burned will verify OK and play on the computer, but will not play well on my DVD player.

Typically, the DVD will play until the middle chapters when the picture becomes noisy, then eventually stops playing altogether. Skipping five or six of the middle chapters, the DVD will play OK to the end. So far every DL DVD burned but one shows the same problem.

I think the problem is with Nero since by using evaluation copies of other burning software the DL DVD will play OK in my DVD player. One example of other burning software: CloneDVD. I used this to burn only, not create the backup to burn.

Is there freeware or cheap shareware that I can use to burn DVDs instead of Nero?

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Problems occurring around halfway through playback are usually a result of poor media and associated layer-break faults.

What brand of DL discs are you using?

Right now I am using HP DL DVDs.

Before these, I was using Memorex.

OK try downloading CD-DVD Speed, fire it up and put one of the HP discs in the drive. Then tell us what the MID (media ID) is on the ‘Disc Info’ tab…

Thank you for trying to help.

I’m embarrassed – the double-layer disks that I am using now are RiData, not HP (the HP are the single layer Lightscribe DVDs that I have).

Here’s the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed:
Disk type: DVD+R DL
MID: RITEK S04 066 (42h)
Write speeds: 4X - 6X --> (DVD paper label says 8X)
Layer break: 3.98 GB


BTW, in testing with my DVD player and discarding coasters just now, I see that there are several single-layer DVDs that freeze just before the end. Could it be that the burner is faulty? Maybe I just got lucky with using other evaluation software for burners.

P.S. – this probably is not relevant

Playing with my new toy that you suggested, I put in the single layer HP Lightscribe DVD. The result:
Disk type: DVD+R
Manufacturer: CMC
MID: CMC MAG M01 000 (00h)
Write speed: 4X-8X-12X-16X


I forgot to mention, I burned the double-layer DVDs at 4X speed, not the maximum 6X.

I believe imkidd57 was right in thinking the problem is your media. The only reliable dual layer disks are Verbatim brand. The Riteks have a fairly poor reputation.

If you want to try an alternative burning program look at ImgBurn. It is free and is my first choice for burning to dual layer, especially movie backups.

4x speed is fine for dual layer disks.

Yes, Imgburn for DL burning and Verbatim for the media.

:cool: :cool:

Thank you, I will give ImgBurn a try.

And Verbatim!