Problem booting

Hi everyone,

Sorry to ask a question in my first post.

Me and a friend of mine bought a new pc with exactly the same components.
Mainboard: Asus A7V8X-X
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
VGA card: Asus FX 5600 V9560/TD
RAM: 512 DDR PC3200

Everything worked fine. But then we both installed a different Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Now when the power is turned on, the system doesn’t go any further than the screen where you can enter the bios. If you press the reset button then, the system starts normally. This happens every time and on both pc’s. Can somebody help me with this ?

THX ! :slight_smile:

Have you tried removing mouse/keyboard and hooking up another mouse/keyboard?

Things to try:

Clear the CMOS. If that doesnt work, remove ALL unnecessary hardware (ie, cdrom, extra hard drives, zip, network card, sound card, modem, etc) Boot with just the video card, c:, and floppy. See if it will boot. Have you loaded Windows yet? If you dont have Windows installed, just see if it goes further then it did before. If it does, you have a hardware conflict. Install one thing at a time from that point on to see which hardware makes it stop booting.

If it does not boot any further after removing all of the unnecessary components, next thing I would try is another power supply.

If you do get it to boot further than it does currently, then I would also update the BIOS on the board.

Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

With my normal keyboard and mouse I don’t have the problem. It began when I installed my new logitech keyb and mouse. The same for my friend.
It happens only when I ush the power button the first time. When I reset the system starts normally. If I turn off the power and turn it back on, it happens again.

Do you’ll have the same model keyboard/mouse? Are they USB?

Has this always happened since you first plugged up the logitech keyboard/mouse?

It’s ok thanks for your help. I flashed my bios to the the latest version. In this there was a fix for “not working Logitech keyboards and mice under windows XP”. It works now ! :bigsmile:

Glad you got it working! :bigsmile: