Problem blindwrite suite writing cd-text

When i read an audio cd (protected with key2audio, Shakira) with blindread and select “get cd information” it shows the songtitles, so there is cd-text. Then i select “dump the image of a cdrom”, and select “authorize the use of alternative read method” + “extract subcodes”. I choose the “nibble” extraction method. After extraction i start blindwrite, in the “cd toc details” window i can see the cd text so that 's ok. Then i copied it once in the SAO RAW writing method and once in the DAO PW writing method. Both times the cd worked, but when i read the copy with blindread (“get cd information”) to see if the cd-text as been written, it did’t show the cd-text anymore only the tracks. So where is my cd-text?
I thought DAO PW was to write cd-text.
I 've got a plextor PXW-1610A, it does support this writing methods.

Someone know how to write cd-text???

no you can edit the local database to add the writing mode to the plextor