***PROBLEM*** BENQ DW1640 in Vantec NexStar 2 5.25" Encloisure

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my BENQ DW1640. I decided to put it in an external encloisure drive and I chose Vantec NexStar 2 for this purpose. Everything seemed to be perfect at the beginning - the drive worked perfectly - reading , but … when I tried to write a DVD (Sony 8x single layer media) it hung at 68%, and the system showed that the drive is burning, Nero worked like there is nothing wrong but it continued to stay and “burn” at 68% half an hour until I swithced off the power of the drive… My next tries were with differend DVD media on different speeds and the result was that everytime it hangs on random percentage. Finally I decided to put it inside - and amazingly everything worked perfect - no problems ! it recorded whatever i wanted . So … do u have any idea of solving my problem, cause I really want to use my encloisure?

The drive is DW1640 (BSLB), the encloisure is Vantec NexStar 2 (USB 2.0 version, chip ALi M5621 A1)

Do you use Nero in it’s latest Version? If not, update it to

Another thing you could try, is to crossflash your 1640 to 164B.


Ali M5621 chip wont work correctly with a DW1640. The chip seems to only work with HDD’s and a few lower end DVD writers (below 8x e.g. PX-708A).

The only USB / Firewire chipset I have made work with any of the drives I have is the Prolific chipset and I have tried my PX-716A, DW1620 and DW1640 with the ALi chipset.

The Prolific 3507 is indeed the chipset to choose, in case a BenQ 1640 will be used to get the full read/write bandwidth. But there are other Chipsets, which work fine, a little slower though.

My Mapower enclosure worked great with my old 1620Pro for example.


Vantec NexStar 2 5.25" has a model with the prolific chipset with FW, can you change it in your dealer? it has the reference NST-525UF.

Do what schranzi said: flash to 164B, it an external firmware version of BSLB called BEFB.

Well, thank u for all the advices, I’ll try all of them and I hope thet they will help. :slight_smile:
If not… I’ll open the window and try to hit some bird with it… :))


Please DO NOT throw any Optical Disc Device at women…

…as it tends to damage the laser :iagree: