Problem backup Ps2 games liteon48x

Hi everyone I’m a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a problem with my liteon 48x ss0b:
Some Ps2 backupped games not work when inserted in my cdrwriter.I have WinXP and it doesn’t recognize the CD and so I can’t make the image of disc with any software like cdrwin or clonecd or alcohol ecc . The most frequently error I receive is: Illegal data track , but if I put the CD in my Playstaion 2 it will work!!It’s very strange…I need help :confused:
Sorry for my poor english

are u sure they are on cdr and not dvdr most ps2 games are on dvd except for some earlier games and rips

yes i’m sure because i make it with Waitec Shuttle CD-R writer and now I can’t copy with my new liteon (and also shuttle doesn’t copy this disc)…Originally it was an ISO.

I just posted this

I did exactly what they alcohol steps say for a PS2 CD backup

My question is does the CD-r have to be a 650 mb! All my attempts are with 700mb cd-r

I will try a 650mb tonight.

Will let you know.