Problem backing up The Passion of the Christ

I have been successful in backing up my copy of The Passion, however…when I view the back-up, I get a narration of everything that takes place on the screen. For example…when the production company’s logo is displayed at beginning of movie, a voice describes the eye on screen and companies name. I can describe it as an audio book narration. I am using 1 click copy, a Sony DRU-710 Aburner and cd43free. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I had the same problem. i used DVD Shrink and chose the aramic audio language and the english subtitles. It worked for me!!!

you likely chose the director’s commentary as your audio track.

I tried to reauthor and do not get audio or caption boxes. Anyone try reauthor in shrink?

what “boxes” are you referring to?

I checked the captions and english as well as ac audio. DTS audio did not work at all as well as 2 channel stereo. Full back up is an option but not a good one, this is a long movie.

Sorry! I meant when I play the movie after a reauthor there are no caption boxes or audio in reauthor mode.