Problem backing up the day after tomorrow



I used DVD Decrypter to burn a copy of The Day After Tomorrow to my hardrive then dvdshrink to shrink it with the quality setting at compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation checked and set to sharp. I then let Nero burn a copy.
It played good on my computer but on my apex player when I hit the play from the main menu it would go to the 20 century fox home entertainment screen then to a black screen and set there. I was using prodisc and had burn over 40 copies with them without any problems. I then went and burnt another copy but used clonedvd2 with anydvd running and still had the same problem. I then went back to dvdshrink and shrank the movie again without the compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation checked.
I then used a DVD+rw so as to stop wasting disk to burn the new shrink copy to diskā€¦ Something I learned along time ago with cd burning is if you have a problem use a rewrite disk to burn until you find out what the problem is. The copy played fine on my apex player so I burned the new shink copy to a dvd-r prodisc and it worked great also.
Is this a problem with using the high quality adaptive error compensation in dvdshink or do you think I just got a bad copy the first time? When I get time I will try burning another copy using shrink with the high quality check and see if that is the problem just thought I would ask if anyone of you had run into this problem.
Again for anyone out there that is new at this invest in a couple of DVD rewrite disk for testing it save wasting disk when you have a problem.


Well I went back and used dvdshrink to shrink it again with the high quality check and then reburned it to a dvd rewrite disk and this time it worked so I guess the first time I shrunk it something must have gone wrong, since it does not seem to be the setting.



Have used Prodisc 8x -R (F01) and found them to be very unpredictible - four or five would burn great - then one would have errors within the burn-

Finally gave up on them and threw them in the trash-

Have been using Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell since without problems-



it was not the disk the prodisc I used have the azo blue dye and are very good the problem seem to be with the first time I shrink the movie with dvdshrink. After I redid it twice it worked both times event to dvd rewrite disk that I recorded over many times. Something the first time I did the movie with dvd shrink must not have been done correctly even though the files look the same.