Problem backing up SIMS2 CD version. (newbie question)

Can someone please give me step by step instructions how to make a copy of sims 2 cd

edition. I have the original CD’s. I tried using gamexcopy, but it freezes up when reading

97% of dpm.

My hardware is as follows:

  1. lite-on LTN483s 48x MAX
  2. samsung CDRW/dvd SM-308B

What would the best way of going about making A) a copy to install it, and B) preferably a

copy to be able to run it as well.

thank you.

Easiest way is to use Blindwrite and it’s tweaker.

Run the tweaker and selct read spead as 4x. then load Blindwrite through it. Select the Automatic profile, and click copy. 20 minutes later it should work just fine.

BTW only CD1 is protected, the others can just be copied with automatic profile or any other copying software.