Problem backing up ps2 games!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I have conquered buring music cds but now I want to backup my ps2 games.
I do have a mod chip, so it will work.
The problem is once I put the ps2 cd in my drive it keeps trying to read it and never stops untill I remove the disc.
Also, when I open clonecd while it its loading the cd, it doesn’t let me choose any options.

Please help!!

Use the PSx profile available from one of the stickys in this forum

Place the CD in the open tray - leave it open to allow CloneCD get control before the OS

Open CloneCD

Click the first button

double click your reader

double click the PSx profile

browse to allocate a path and file name

Click OK

same procedure for writing

…that help?

It never lets me click on the profile. It just keeps trying to read the game.

PS2 on CD, right? Not a DVD?

yea, on cd

I think its cd. I can’t check, because I don’t have the case anymore. The game is Xenosaga.

Xenosaga is a dual layered dvd game…No chance in backing this one up im afraid.

If I had a dvd burner could I?
I don’t but I probably will in the future.

Even with a dvd burner its not a case of doing a straight backup as its duel layered .
It would have to come down to 4.37 gigs

Are most games dvd?
I’ll have to check what I have. I never looked at that before.

The majority of the games these days are dvd based.