Problem backing up PS2 games




For a while now I’ve been using DVD Decrypter to back up my Playstation 2 games with no problems. Recently, whenever trying to back up the game (Splinter cell Chaos Theory, Splinter cell pandora tommorow, Medal of honour, DVD Decrypter just stops reading it and any given time. For example it could just stop at 10%, 14%, 56%, 78%. Any random number really. No error message is displayed and the time remaining box changes from 10mins or so to “unknown”. The time elapsed box still goes up for however long I leave it for.

The read rate box goes to 0kb/s. The discs are not damaged as most of them are brand new and I’ve tryed a couple and they all work fine on my playstation 2.

My question is, Is there any other software out there thqat will do the job as good and as fast as DVD Decrypter? Or is there a way to fix dvd decrypter.

My system specs are

AMD Athlon 800mhz
320mb RAM
20GB Hardrive

Pretty low specs I know but I;ve been backing up DVD’s and games on this system for around a year now with no problems.

There is enough space on the hardrive for the image.

Can anybody help? Thanks.


Nothing wrong with DVD Decrypter. Sounds like your drive is going south, man. :frowning:

Or some other hardware/software problem.

If DVD Decrypter has been working fine for you, don’t suspect the software when things start to get FUBAR.


Hmm…My drive rips dvd’s to the hardrive with dvd shrink ok and also plays dvd’s. it also burns dvd’s with nero.


Oh man, I just tryed to backup a dvd with DVD Shrink and I got a message about 10% of the way through-

dvdshrink has caused an error in kernel 32

DVD Shrink works fine if the DVD I’m trying to backup is not compressed. The DVD I just tryed to backup was compressed and I got the error.

Does this sound like a hardware error or a software error?


Easiest thing to try first is another freeware ripper. Like:

Or something else on this list: