Problem Backing-up Movies

Dear anyone, HELP! I’ve tried burning DVDs with DVDDecryptor+DVD Shrink and DVDDecryptor and CloneDVD. Both times the DVD copied fine, but during playback when the movie reached a certian title (first movie ch5 and second movie ch11) it would lock up. I’ve tested the DVDs in a few players and the same thing happens everytime. I have a NEC ND2500a and am on a Dell with 16 gig free, 512ram. Any suggestions?

what media and format are you using?

The media is Verbatin 2X DVD-R.

I’m not sure what format means, but I will breifly take you through the steps I take.
In DVD Decryptor I rip the whole DVD and then proceed to DVDshrink.
Once there I have the dvd analysed and when thats done I click on the RE-Author tab and drag “title 1” to the DVD.
From there I hit “Backup”, select ISO disk image as the target device, then check the “launch dvd decryptor to burn the output image”.
The programs then go through their steps and Decryptor burns the DVD fine, with the exception of my little problem.