Problem backing up movie using 123 DVD Copy

I just got my new NEC3500 and backed up my first movie using 123 DVD Copy. The disc finished copying and I put the disc in my player but nothing happen.

I noticed when I searched the directories on my computer I could see there were some files:

audio_ts and a video_ts

within the video_ts folder there were nero showtime files when I double clicked those files they came up and played the movie on nero showtime.

how come the movie did not play on my reg dvd player? I have used the utility to change my booktype to DVD-ROM to see if that will fix the problem. please advise what am I doing wrong?

you say - when I double clicked those files they came up and played the movie on nero showtime. fine, but will it play as a DvD in ShowTime ?

first thing that i would consider a likely cause is that your standalone dvd player does not ‘like’ the brand of DvD


Audio_TS and Video_TS folders

within the Video_TS folders were my movie files (nero showtime file types).

question: how is my dvd player going to find/play these files if they are located in folders? what am I doing wrong with the copy process?

hhendrix, please check what type of DVD format(s) your standalone is capable of playing (DVD+R, DVD-R).

Then try to backup your movie with a software called DVDShrink (read before Ghoster’s guide, make a search here), enable in the options burning with Nero.
Both software can be downloaded here:

And use media of a good quality, like Taiyo Yuden, Maxell, Fuji for instance.

if in reading the threads it looks like dvdshrink and 123dvd copy both accomplish the same thing in terms of copying the original dvd into files in a video_ts directory.

my dvd player is an apex that recognizes +R and -R RW with no problem.

having the files in video_ts on my hard drive, what do I do next? I can’t use Nero because I would have to decrypt the files. I would like to continue using 123dvd copy but that would just copy the video_ts folder and files.

my player is suppose to recognize that folder and play?

burn the VIDEO_TS folder as data to a DVD