Problem Backing Up Meet Bill



I am a rookie using DvdFab to back up Meet Bill with the Movie Only setting. I have previously backed up the entire DVD. I tried this to get better picture quality. The movie starts as the DVD is inserted, but it contains subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I tried to change the setting in the menu, but the subtitles still remain. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong, or it this a bug? I also backed up Bank Job using the Movie Only setting and it copied properly with no subtitles.Thanks in advance, WolfpackRon.


i dont have this dvd nor have i read about it this particular problem recently. at first the obvious choice is to de-select the subpictures from the main movie screen.

if this doesnt work. does the original dvd have the subtitles by default. could be embedded subtitles. so you can not remove them.


I deselected sub titles in the menu while viewing the DVD, but it did not remove the sub titles on the TV screen. WolfpackRon


I just backed this movie up tonight. No problems. I used main movie mode. In the sub pictures column I just checked English, no arrow. If I understand correctly, if there is an arrow in the sub picture column, this will FORCE subtitles to come on automatically. But I am also still a rookie, so you might want to ask someone who knows alot more than me.


[QUOTE=wolfpackron;2095223]I deselected sub titles in the [U]menu while viewing the DVD[/U], but it did not remove the sub titles on the TV screen. WolfpackRon[/QUOTE]

from these two comments seems to be either a player compatibility issue or user error. sorry i do not have this to test.



Under Subpictures, I had “Preselect the following subpicture tracks” checked and “Select all tracks” checked and “English” in the the right hand column.


do you have the default arrow selected for the subpicture?

shouldnt matter either way, but seems your player is not cooperating.