Problem Backing up "Man on Fire" DVD



Anyone know the trick to backing up this movie? I used DVD NextCopy Tech (V and it gives the completed status indication. But it cannot be read when I try to verify it with Windows 7 Ultimate Media player. The media player reads the original with no problem. Any of you wizards care to share your step by step?

Thank you!



more info would help. What speed did you burn the blank media at? What brand is the blank media? What third party decryptor are you using? The only recommended blank media is Taiyo Yuden which is only available online and Verbatim which is available at most retail stores


I appreciate your trying to help but this is not a media or write speed issue. There were no hard or soft errors and the back ups for movies performed before and after this attempt were successful - like always.

I have never had issues related to media in my years of burning DVDs. (I use quality verbatim media and burn at half the rated max speed). This seems to be an issue of decoding or de-encryption. I use the recommended 3rd party plug-in and all revs are current.

Has anyone else backed up this particular DVD with the DVD NextCopy Tech software?


Very well may be a bug, but put the backup in the dvd player and see if it plays or better yet get VLC Player it is free for the PC.


When you back up many movies using the same media, process, hardware and software - (both before and after this particular one)…and only the OTHERS play fine… (in both my PC/Win Media Player and in my HT Oppo player)…there is no call for obtaining a “better yet” player-program.

The problem occurs only with this one movie.

I appreciate all who are attempting to help but assuming this problem is some novice error is borderline insulting.

So please - If you KNOW for certain, or are familiar with this EXACT problem…THEN please reply. Lay the “might be’s” aside.



Well considering I am the official support person here and trying to help but you want an answer rather than try this or what does this do when you… I’ll shut up now and let someone who knows for sure post reply to help.


Doc. I meant no offense. Don’t bring pride into it. You keep your place here. I will be the one to shut up and look elsewhere. My apologies.


FYI this is happening to others as well just this title struggles in WMP but nothing else. That is a positive answer.