Problem Backing Up Lucky Number Slevin & Atlantis (Newbie)

Forgive the lack of knowledge, but I recently bought Clone DVD/AnyDVD and had no problems, however w/Lucky Number Slevin and Atlantis there are “pauses” or delays in the movie while viewing. I have the most recent release of both programs and double checked for updates.

If it matters, computer is a 2.8 GHz P4 w/1GB of RAM and idles w/about 2% resource use and burning on a Plextor 760A 18x DL DVD Burner. While burning I do not open any programs as well.

Has anyone else had the same trouble?


I tried Lucky number Slevin last night, and have the latest update. I also use CloneDVD to copy it. It would read the DVD, but it would not write it. It would bomb out about 51% of the way, and go Oh No. I tried it again, and did the same thing. I then created an ISO to the Hard drive (one of my tricks to get around this), it created the ISO fine, but once again it would not write it. It still a 50/50 chance my hard drive needs to be defrag, but I have not had any problems with the 3 I did before that. (I also did restart my computer after the first Slevin failed)

Oh sorry, about the problem you stated above, you might want to slow down your write speed to 8x. Some DVD have problems reading DVD written at higher rates, or other Stand Alone DVD Players. If you are viewing them on the same computer you made them, you might want to try to disable Virus Checking or any other program that runs in the background. I also had this problem when my Plextor Hard Drive was dying. Just some past experience to pass on…

I have the latest AnyDVD and it must not be able to crack it. It fails on the second vob.

If anyone can lend a hand. please…



Turn anydvd off and get all the IFO files use a zipping program and send it to Slysoft support.

It may be that you have a bad source disc or it may have some dirt on the disc or it may be scratched, because I had no problem with this movie in either full disc or movie only, with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD ( latest versions)

Did both with no issues of any kind using latest version of AnyDVD and OneClick DVD Copy. :slight_smile:

As stated …
I would suspect that you have a “Bad” Source Disc
Inspect the Disc and try cleaning it - even if it doesn’t look like it needs it.

If this doesn’t prove successful …
Use the [B]VSOInspector[/B] to scan the Disc ( it’s Free )

If the Inspector reports "READ Errors"
Then you’ll know that you’ve come across a “BAD” Source Disc .
I would then suggest that you acquire a different copy
… and compare your results .
Are you having any trouble with any other Discs ?


Appreciate the advice, I’ll double check the disk before I try again. Is this worthwhile before you burn a DVD to prevent time wastes or does this take a long time to conduct and therefore not worthwhile unless you run into problems? The DVD I had received was from NETFLIX BTW.


Out of curiousity how do you do this?

This will tell you how and thank reasonsnotrules for a detail way on this too.

Copying Netflex rental discs is not only unethical but illegal…I’m supprised that anyone here would offer advice for copying discs you do not own.

The DVD I had received was from NETFLIX BTW.

This is not tolerated on this forum. Backing up DVD you own is legal, copying rented DVDs is not and discussion on this board about it must stop. Please read the forum rules seahawk02, I will only say this once. You have been warned.