Problem backing up Godfather 2 series

I just bought a new copy of THE godfather 2 Series since I accidently broke the previous issue. When I brought it home to make a DVD nackup like I didn’t do before, it seemed it couldn’t read it. The symptoms were as much like the ones I got from the online rental proggy. However I could watch it on my Stand alone Sony DVD player.

I check on the net on why these happen and I got 1 hit from CD freaks, someone posted that some DVD’s come with Anticopy schemes that somehow know it has been inserted into a DVD burner and wont let the disk show up. However, I am capable of check the storage on the disk. So I know my laser aint busted. Anyone know a fix for this?

google 1: dvd fab decrypter. Google 2: IMG

At 2006, follow above links. :iagree: