Problem backing up 'fierce creatures' dvd

I have done quite a few dvd backups with no problems, but when I do ‘fierce creatures’ when I come to play the dvdr on my dvd player I get the message “the disc is not formatted to play in this region” never had this before, the original plays okay. All I have done is use dvd decrypter and burnt it (less that 4gb) using recordnow and copytodvd (neither worked). Have I changed the settings somehow on dvd decrypter?

Thanking you


is ur standalone region-free? and if not, is the dvd u’re having problems with from the same region as ur other dvds? by default, DVD Decrypter should remove region coding from dvds, but i’m not sure if u disabled this or not.

yes mate it is region free. but the original plays without any problems anyway.

in that case, try playing the copy on a region-locked standalone (i’m trying to draw my conclusion).

I have tried playing both on my pc and a chipped playstation with still the same message. DVD decrypter says the dvdr should play on any region. I can;t understand it, the whole screen is blue with the messgae in white “the disc is not formatted to play in this region”, I wouldn’t mind the film isn’t that good anyway but I want to know the answer to the problem should it occur again.

like i said, try playing it on a region-locked standalone. this would determine if the disc is preventing u from playing it on a region-free player, which i suspect to be the case.

No Mate, that didn’t work either. Any other ideas?