Problem backing-up dvds

I am very new to dvd burning. My main question is which is better to use, DVD+R or DVD-R? Are they both compatible on a normal DVD player?

Also, the software I have is Sonic Record Now. Is this sufficient to make an exact back-up of a DVD? If not, what is the best to use?

Most DVD players will play + and - disc’s. Some wont play + and some wont play -.
I haven’t seen a player that wont play a + disc with the book setting changed to DVD-ROM, this kids the player that it is a pressed DVD.So if your writer allows you to change book type go with +. I haven’t used Sonic, you will need something to rip the movie and if its over 4.38GB something to compress it before you burn.

what is good software to rip a dvd? Also, I’m unsure what is meant by book setting

SmartRipper and DVD Decrypter are both good and freeware. AnyDVD allows you to compress straight from the original disc with whatever program you use such as DVD shrink, dvd2one etc.The book type is the part of the DVD that your DVD player looks at to determine if it can play it. Dvdinfopro will tell you what your default book type is and depending on the make of your burner it can be changed to DVD ROM.

Thanks for all your help. I have one last question, then I think I’ll be ok. What does this iso or ifo stuff mean? Is one better or is there a difference?

Generally speaking use ISO mode if your going to burn with DVD decrypter and IFO if your using dvd2one.I think DVD decrypter is the only one that lets you chose.I have only ever used IFO.
As far as i know ISO guides the DVD player through the disc,so everything plays in the right order. Maybe a more technically minded member would like to explain the difference.

I suppose you’re talking about DVD Decrypter. If you’re going to extract files from a DVD-Video disc you might want to use IFO although if you just want to copy a disc go with ISO.

So if I wanted to just copy a disc using DVD Decrypter, I would go to mode then ISO then read, decrypt it, then go to mode, ISO, write. That seems to make the most sense, correct me if that’s wrong.

That is correct :).