Problem backing up DVD

I just tried to back up my casino DVD but there wasn’t enough room on the disc. is there a way to compress the data more or not?

Yes, use DvD Shrink and shrink it twice.

See here:

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Rip the disc to your Hard Drive with RipIt4Me. Shink with DVD Shrink. Burn with ImgBurn. :slight_smile:

Good point, I didn’t know if he actually meant that it had already been shrunk or not. While you can Shrink it twice, it is an absolute last resort IMO. If you can, strip any alternate audio tracks, use still for the menus and extras, etc. Or you can also try an alternate program such as DVD Rebuilder, it will be slower but it will fit it to one disc without issue and will create better video quality with high compression levels.

Yes, he has just figured out how to use RipIt4Me,FixVts,DvD Decrypter and DvD Shrink. Now that he understands the basic princple, it would be best for him to use DvD Shrink in this case ( which is free ) rather than turning him to something that is slightly different and that you have to purchase. I would rather see the basic fundamentals learned first before hitting him with all kinds of different software choices.

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I just did some looking, your movie the Casino will require heavy compression without extras, just the movie. In order to make it fit on a single layer DvD.
so try my suggestion and see were it gets you.

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DVD Rb is free.

Sorry, that right. Too much on the brain was thinking DvD FaB Platinum.

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Thanks platinumsword! I did it and the disc seems to work!

Glad too see that you got it working.

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