Problem Backing up dvd

I have a problem were after the dvd has been decripted and shrunk it is still 5.8gb were as the media I am using is 4.7 I use one2one to shrink the files down and nero 6 to burn them. This is the first time it has happened I have copied 3 dvd’s today and this only happens on this particular one.

It’s not that long a film either about 2hrs.

Any ideas?



Maybe if you mentioned the movie, or search for it in the forums?

Firstly, use DVD Decrypter to rip in file mode. see how big files are originally?
If you can live with the movie only, no menues and bonus/extra/previews, try re-author in DVD Shrink. Pay attention to the audio. You may have large audio streams you do not need. Also, maybe there are 2 versions? like WS and FS, or director cut, etc

If after all this the main movie by itself is still too big after maximum compression, you might run the files again in DVD Shrink. In this case you will see lost of sharpness. This second shrinking might work mostly for slow moving, well lit, episode TV shows,