Problem backing up Dragon Lair 3D

Hi there

Im trying to backup my the Game --Dragon Lair 3D–

With alcohol 120% but it always hay read errors even when i choose safe disc mode

I try reading at slow speed still no go

plz somebody help me

Safe disc


The read errors are part of the protection and as such are supposed to be there.
Just ignore them.
They should stop around 10000(ish)

Thank you

backed up successfully

how would i be able to play from the backup copy

If you get a message coming up when you reach the splash screen of the game, then your copy needs emulation. You should go into the Alcohol 120% main screen, Then go to ‘Emulation’ in the left menus. Ensure ‘Ignore Media Type’ is enabled, and then go to ‘Extra Emulation’ then check ‘BAD Sectors Emulation’. Then try running your game.

If that doesnt work, you’re going to have to use CloneCD, which is best for SafeDisc v2.9 I think.

tried that from alcohol + clone cd as well still dont work

what does this error mean? why?

game is working now placed the game in recorder now Silly me

but seems game play is TO SLOW for my computer

P4 2.8
5200 fx 128 gcard
xp sp2


plz close this thread

all working fine now

thx to all again