Problem backing up any of my DVD's

3+ months ago I used to backup all the DVD’s I’d buy with RipIt4Me -> DvdShrink -> DVDDecrpytor

It generally worked fine, although sometimes my backups would skip at the end when I’d test them, despite the originals having no problems.

Anyways, because of school I’d been to busy to back anything up over the past 3 months so now I am trying to catch up in summer. The problem, RipIt4Me is apparently done so I now have to use other programs.

I have tried to backup the following movies with the following programs and had this same result:

Pan’s Labyrinth
Hannibal Rising
Ghost Rider

For these 4 I’ve used DVD Fab HD Decryptor (trial), CloneDvD (trial), AnyDVD (trial), and even my old RipIt4Me combo.

In all these cases I never have any problem or error’s that come up during the burn process, but when I put the movies in my DVD player it either won’t read the backup DVD, or it will read it and whenever I try to skip a scene it will freeze (or just skip on its own)

My theory is it might be the discs, but can anyone else shed some light? (EDIT: These discs have worked correctly to backup other movies in the past, although with some skipping at the end like I said)
Thanks in advance

bad disc bad disc bad disc The only time I have had this problem was when I use cheap disc. get some made in Japan disc . Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim The did not work correctly or they would not have skipped at the end .

i agree with samlar, it looks to be bad media, tayio yuden or verbatim would be my choice of media