Problem backing up "Alice in Wonderland - Special Un-Anniversary Edition"




It started backing up the disc ok, but had an estimated time over 3 hours and half way through the timer started counting down backwards.

I’m using:

DVD neXt COPY 4.0 neXt Tech Version
Build Version:

DVDNeXtCopy.dll :: DVDCopyEngine SDK :: Version
DNCResource.dll :: DVDneXtCOPY Resource :: Version
DvdConvDll.dll ::Video Resources :: Version:
neXtburner.dll :: FoxBurner SDK :: Version:
w32SQLite3.dll :: SQLite Engine :: Version: (not listed in “about” it’s just blank)

edit using machinist plug in

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance :bigsmile:


Please hold tight I have a friend that has this title and see if he’ll offer some help to you. Disc isn’t released till the 30th though but I have someone that can help.


OK, so you are using V4 have you even tried the NTU yet to make a bin to use for the movie as it has multiple title sets and you have to use the NTU to create a bin to back up this movie. The movie I have has a UPC# 7 [B]8693680181[/B] 1.

If you have same UPC# you can send me a Private Message with email address and I can send you the bin that way if you are not able to create your own. You can also send a Private Message to Dr.Who as well as I gave him the bin tonight also


I’ll look into this posting the bin file this weekend and see what the staff has to say about it.


Thanks for the quick replies guys!

I’m the type of guy that usually doesn’t read the manual, but in this case it was necessary. :o

After playing with the NTU a bit, I was able to get it figured out.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Okay thank you for letting us know as I was about to post the bin file for you.


glad you got it to work for you and the NTU is great for backing up the movies with out an update for it.


Here is a zipped bin file for this movie with UPC# 7 [B]8693680181 [/B]1 and if anyone who wants to use this and not know how you will need to read the user manual for that (303 Bytes)