Problem backing up a backup, NO BAD MEDIA



Hi, I searched everywhere for a solution to my problem, I CANNOT make a backup from a backup that I have alredy made.
The strange part is that my DVD media is not bad, SAMSUNG DVD-R General 4x, and I CAN backup some alredy backed up movies but not all.
All the movies were recorded in the same media using Nero to burn ISO`s.

Any clue to fix my problem, plz help :frowning:


Copy the video_ts folder to the hard drive and burn back to DVD. You could always use the original DVD.


Sounds to me as though your problem is almost certainly bad media anyway. The fact that not all of your copies have deteriorated yet to the point where you’re having difficulty copying them doesn’t mean that they won’t.


Well I alredy tryed that, didnt work. Iam think that for the future I will backup the movie and in another DVD save the ISO of the movie


try dvddecrypter and if that doesn’t work try Vstrip


The fact that you can back up some of these discs is meaningless. The fact that the name on the label is Samsung is also meaningless (what is the Media Code on these discs?). The fact that they were recorded using Nero, and that you used the ISO method is also meaningless.

In fact, even if the disc plays fine in most players, this is also meaningless (since most players ignore very minor flaws and errors and gaps in information, while the ripping process is going to stop and let you know about each and every missing “1” or “0” that it encountered. Most players will just skip past these, and do the best that they can at displaying the image, even if it jumps or skips.

My best guess, based on the information you provided, is bad media. Those other discs may (or may not) be living on borrowed time, since people have found that there is a lot of stuff out there that seems to gradually begin to deteriorate after months, or within 1 - 2 years.

Do a major search on “best cleaning methods,” and try repeatedly. Note–> Save the toothpaste methods for a “last resort,” since that can be more destructive.

If you have other DVD drives you can use, try them (sometimes one drive will choke on bad media, while the next one will not). Upgrade the firmware, since most firmware upgrades “teach” the DVD device how to read some of the less than desirable crap that is out there in the market (and there is more crap than there is decent stuff). If you have friends with PCs, ask if you can let them give it a shot, since their particular DVD-Rom or DVDwriter drive may be a bit more tolerant than yours is. (I have three DVD drives hooked up, and there have been cases where one drive choked, while the others did fine. There have been cases where TWO choked, and the third one read it fine. There have also been a few cases where NONE of the three could handle the source disc.)

Best of luck…



As furballi already said, you can use the original DVD. It worked the first time, so if it doesn’t work now, then either the disc is damaged beyond readability or your DVD drive needs cleaning or replacing. Out of curiosity, what software did you use to prepare the back-up before using Nero to produce the ISO image?