Problem: B7P9 vs Qscan?

I flashed my I/O drive from G7C9 to B7P9 and burned a 4x disk at 4x. It errored out at 8x as you can read in my othe post.

I cannot boot to SAFE MODE in W2K Pro as I get these stop error messages for some reason. So I have to flash in normal mode with all background tasks shut down.

However Qscan states that I do not have the latest firmware and will not work. Now I know that B7T9 is the latest but it seems that others are having the same problem.

Please help!!!

I get that message once in a while & just ignore it. Clear message box and click on start again.
QScan is very conservative. But I do check my media from time to time, especially if I want to overspeed the media. Some B (claimed to be A) grade media I underspeed just to get quality burns.
Hope that answers your question.

dishinit…you were correct

Is Qscan just suppose to be used to check media before a burn?

What is the best and quickest way to run a test? What are you actually looking for?

I ran the Smart Scan with the 4x CMC MAG F01 media and 8x, 4x, and 2.4x all were OK is that enough to confirm a 4x disc can be burned at 8x?