Problem: avi/mpeg movies skip ahead

Hi! My friend and I have the same problem. We have a lot of avi/mpeg movie files, and burn them on dvd-r. Usually, we can fit 6 movies on one disk. I have 2000+ AMD Ethlon 1024 RAM, Pioneer 112, BenQ1620, 80 pin cable, etc. We both use Nero 7 Platinum(keygen version). We use good media like TayoYuden, etc. Playing movies back Divx Phillips dvd player.

Problem is this… When I watch these movies, it cuts out and skips to another part of the movie, which is like 30 mins later, or it just skips to the next movie file. When I play back on my PC, it seems the movie loses its pixels on the same areas for a few seconds, and then continues ok.

I even bought a new burner. Want to try to get another version of Nero. Maybe should replace 80 pin cable…? It is so weird, that my friend and I developed the same problem at the same time.

What do you think?