Problem ASPI LTN526 with Nero Media Player

Can any one help ???

I have changed my Hitachi GD 2500 DVD Rom Player for a LITEON LTN526.

The problem is that when I want to rip a CD to MP3 I get the message

COLOR=red]Can’t convert CD ROM Drive letter to ASPI information. Digital reading is not possible[/COLOR]

Everything on the CD Drive properties say all OK! I have downloaded the latest Nero Software and upgraded. I am using WIN XP Pro.

I have dowloaded ASPI file and coppied into Win/System32 and also into nero programe files.

Media Player works fine for ripping to MP3 with my Iomega ZIPcd 650 CDRW.

Any ideas would be great.

Every thing else used on the Liteon CD Player is working fine.


Can any one help ???


i run xp as well but when i updated the aspi files to v4.70 i had nothing but trouble. I used force aspi to get rid of v4.70 and installed v4.60 now everything is sweet:)