Problem anyone?

ok i dont know if this is the right place to post my prob… so sorry if it’s wrong

my prob:

i always copied things on dvd without any prblems… but know when i putted my self made movie from vacation on my computer there started to accure an error:

  • this error came up when i wantd to copie the movie on a dvd offcourse… so not when i putted the movie on my comp

Sense: 00 ASC: 00 ASCQ: 00 (Command 00)


i really havnt got a clue what this problem means… so if anyone could help me out here that would be great…

thanks in advance

First of all welcome on the forum.

To solve your problem we need more details. Can you specify what format is the movie? What hardware do you have (and what IDE drivers do you have installed)? Is DMA active? What burner do you have? What media do you use?

i’m not really in to these terms but i’ll try my best…

the format of the movie is: uhm well it’s a powerdvd file

the media is from recordnow

the burner is i belive a nec 2600… could that be?

but the weird thing is… it does burn other cd’s but just not this movie so then the prob is suppost to be in the map itself right?

Well. We must proceed at steps.

First right click on Windows Start button and select “Explore”.

From here select the folder in which you put the movie. Here you should see what type of files made the movie. Are they VOB files?

uhmm .ifo and .bup ?? is that possible

Yes, it’s possible. What burning software do you have? If you have nero try to run a little utility included in nero, named “InfoTool”.

If you don’t have nero, try to load this utility from here. It’s a free tool don’t requiring installation (it run by itself). See here if DMA is active and all other informations.

lol ok i downloaded the tool from where u said and i run it but now i see so much information lol where should i look for ?

in the tab configuration it says that the dma where u are talking about is on

dma on

hm it seems geno888 is offline? anyone else then maybe