Problem after using StarForce Nightmare

I used Starforce Nightmare to disable my CD/DVD drive and now I can’t re-enable the drives. I have tried using SFN to re-enable my drive and the secondary IDE channel but when I reboot it again hide the secondary IDE and the drive can’t read any CD. I have tried looking into a number of forums and it seems a number of people had the same problem but there were no proper solution which worked for me.
I tried partioning with Partition Magic to backup my softwares and then reinstall my OS (that was the idea) but for some wierd reson it failed and luckily with a number of try my Drive read the WinXP installation CD and installed the OS. Now I find that my Drive is reading a DVD but its not reading the CD very well (Sometimes does and sometimes it fails).
Can anyone help me know what exact changes were made by the SFN so that I can get my drive read the CDs properly? Or is there any other way I can fix this problem (may be by flashing/ updating my BIOS)?
Please please help me. I have already lost all my softwares. I will be happy atleast to get my CD drive back in order.

One thread is enough. I’ll close this one but leave this thread open.