Problem after updating

I updated to version 6.1.6…and now get this error when trying to start AnyDVD.

“initialise_dynamic() failed”

I have tried stopping the Autostart and loading manually but still get the same error.

I have uninstalled and re-installed, but it still gives the same error.

Using Vista Ultimate.


Same error here. using Vista Home Premium. Attempted an uninstall and reinstalled previous version and we’re still getting the error.

Any suggestions?

I’m waiting on a reply from Slysoft, But i am thinking of trying to reinstall an previous version.

I’m not having any problems on Vista Ultimate. Works fine for me.

If you get a failed to initalize error on Vista with the new AnyDVD do this:

It’s one of these beloved Vista issues again…
We’ll send out a fix soon.
Until then: the easiest way to get around it in the meantime is to deactivate UAC:
run msconfig->Tools, then click on the appropriate entry.

If you don’t want to deactivate UAC, you can work around the problem for a Windows session by rightklicking on anydvd and choosing “run as administrator”. That should work a well.
A new release should be out soon to deal with this issue.

Alan Thank you for the much appreciated Info…:slight_smile:


The just released version fixes this problem.

It does to…:slight_smile:


Mostly. There may be some people still having issues. I’m hoping it’s a problem local to their machine only, which I’m guessing it is…

hi just joined, heres my experiences with any dvd 6166 and 6167 versions :eek: ois polite ive used these for ages great but this time i was really angry I had just re installed my pc from scratch got all nice and working great along comes version 6166 i upgraded from version 6165 which worked fine alogside clonedvd2 version 2109, then mins later up popped version 6167 any dvd when i installed and tried to run my chkdisk to check for hardive errors after install with a defrag as the norm before use to test i was greeted by windows cannot open the volume direct or summat similar windows has finished checking the disc, this appeared after every shutdown nowt got rid of it uninstalls or nothing replacing with old versions i tried it , repairing the chkdisc no luck, in the end i reformatted and reactivated windows left off all slysoft and did a ghost backup , i suggest you do same! slysoft have not got back to me , on their forums other people list woes sice updating yet no one seems to know whats going on slysoft are silent WHY? :cop:

James at Slysoft, on their forum has stated fixes both for AnyDVD and for CloneDVD will be out soon.

i have had a really wierd problem with my anydvd update. ( i not only get the dynamic failed error message, but it completly disables my dvd drive. After installing the update anydvd is not the only thing that doesnt work, my dvd drive wont even read discs period, not only dvd’s. It completly ruined my first drive and i got a replacement from hp. put in the replacement and it worked fine, re installed anydvd and then the problem is right back again. thankfully once i uninstalled anydvd i could use my drive again and it wasnt shot like the other one, but i dont want to chance it and have to get ANOTHER replacement from hp. does ANYONE have any solutions to this, or experienced the same problem? It really makes me mad because i paid for the liscense and now cant use the software.

On another note, i know there is also a new version of clonedvd, but i dont want to download it for fear that it will fail like the new anydvd did, has anyone had any problems with the new updated clonedvd? was not meant for public consumption and was released accidentally. Upgrade to and I think you’ll find your problem goes away.

I guess is a Beta as i have not received an email. I am using it now so i know i won’t get a notice to update.

Nope, it’s officially up on the download site. No beta.

yeah i know. I guess i will take the advice to subscribe to the update threads.