Problem after system restore



I have a dell latitude D610 w/windows xp pro.I had to use restore discs after a nasty virus.Now everything on the screen is tiny.How do I get everything back to normal size?My eyes are’nt that great.Any help is appreciated.


Right click on desktop, properties, choose display properties, then appearance and adjust.


Your good use of the Restore disks and Chef’s suggestion should get you back to a more easily-viewed resolution.

Here’s the Dell support page where you can enter your unit’s Service Tag (on the bottom of the notebook), and this will present you with updated drivers for the video, audio, LAN and wireless features.

Windows Update can supply some of these but I avoid letting Microsoft tell me what’s best for my Dell when Dell can do it for me, especially on the Video Driver.


Thanks Chef and Christine,Your suggestions put my laptop back in tip top.You guys rule!


Nice. Enjoy. :flower: