Problem after resetting computer

I recently reset my computer to factory settings and no I can not burn DVD’s.
Before being reset, I used DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter with no problems ever.
But after i reset my computer, I re-installed those two programs, and now it will not burn. Any ideas as to why, and/or how to fix this?

Will not burn does not tell us anything need more info. tell us more like is it stopping while burning using dvd shrink. The more info you give the better. Step by step what you are doing would help

Try installing ImgBurn, it is robust and free.

Well before resetting it, I would put the DVD I wanted to burn in, and then I would open up DVD Shrink and make an ISO file to burn with DVD Decrypter. Then I would use DVD Decrypter to burn the file onto a disc with no problems.
Now, after resetting my computer, I do the same thing. When I use DVD Shrink, it seems to work with no problems. No errors come up, and it creates the ISO file. Then, when I use DVD Decrypter, the problem happens. It does not even start to burn the disc, it gets an error saying it can not burn.

As samlar said, it would be more helpful if you posted what the error specifically says. Without more information, your post literally only says, “I can’t burn DVDs. Please help.”

Still need more info but you could try and google

DVD Decrypter it gets an error saying it can not burn