Problem after playing Disney Disc

I just got Walt Disney’s On the Front Lines collection. When I put it in my Computer to watch it the DVD asked if I wanted to install some player and I said no. But now CloneDVD won’t copy anything that I have. Says everything is copywrite protected.

I’m using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD

DVD Shrink still works but I was really enjoying the ease of use of CloneDVD2 and would like to get it back up and running. CloneDVD will still burn files on my computer but won’t copy something from a disc. I suspect something was installed on my computer that I didn’t want but I have no idea of how to find it or remove it. Any help?

If you see such a message AnyDVD is not setup / running correctly.
Open AnyDVD preferences, click “Default”. If you still see this question, enable AnyDVD “Safe Mode” (program settings -> check “Sage Mode”).

There is a newer version of AnyDVD that just came out. If the program is set to check for updates, you should have been notified. If it’s not and you want this feature, look in Settings (click on Red Fox, program settings and check updates).

Every once in a while, I watch a DVD that asks if I want to install a feature (can’t remember the name of what it wants to install but I think it began with “inter…”) and I always say no.

If AnyDVD is running and set up correctly, you should never see this message.
(See my last post)

My comment about “Inter…” doesn’t have anything to do with AnyDVD. I can be watching a movie on a computer where there are no SS productrs installed. What I’m being asked is if I want to install a feature that makes viewing the movie interactive.

This is a feature I don’t see that often but that is what i was thinking of.

What I believe you are referring to is InterActual Player Software Program, which is contained on some Commercial DVD Movies titles.

I personally believe this is totally unnecessary SpyWare garbage and if you have AnyDVD operating and configured properly will never seen the InterActual player software installation-opening screen.

If you ever allow the overly invasive InterActual Player Software Program to be installed on a computer it is very difficulty to totally remove all remnants of this program. In my book this InterActual Player Software Program is big time SpyWare crap, which constantly attempts to call home anytime a DVD is inserted in a computer DVD playback device. My daughter unknowingly installed the InterActual Player Software Program on her computer and it took me forever to totally remove this garbage from her computer.

I would strongly recommend to never install this overly invasive SpyWare InterActual Player Software Program.


Thank you very much for the help. I would not have thought it was AnyDVD being affected since DVDShrink still works but CloneDVD2 does not. I enabled safe mode and Clone is working again. Thanks again.